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Education Programs

The Education and Degree Programs Online Guide is your career guide for business, technology, design, culinary and online degree programs. It helps you to shop and compare certificate and degree programs at selected schools and universities. Select an education program, get the degree you desire in as little as eighteen months and start your career! Available Degrees are: Diploma, Certificate, AA, BA, or MA.
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» Business Degree Programs
Earn 50% more income than without an education (according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics). Get your degree in as little as 15 months.

» Technology Degree Programs
Study network/systems administration, computer technical support, e-commerce and more. Start your IT career and get your degree in as little as 18 months.

» Design Degree Programs
Shop and compare programs in Advertising, Graphic Design, Publishing, Internet, Retail, Fashion, Print and many other industries. Constantly challenge your creative thinking.

» Architecture Degree Programs
Become an Architect in less than 5 years. Select from Bachelor, Master or Executive Master Programs.

» Criminal Justice Degree Programs
A degree in Criminal Justice will prepare you for rewarding work in Public Safety, Juvenile Justice, Prosecution, Victim Assistance, Law Enforcement, Crime Prevention, Loss Prevention, Corrections, Court Administration, and Trial Processes.

» Medical Degree Programs
In recent years the medical assisting profession has become one of the fastest growing careers in the health care field. As a medical assistant, you will be an integral part of the health care team and your responsibilities will continue to expand as the need for your services grows. Take your first step toward your career!

» Culinary Programs
Food preparation and food service will be the fastest-growing occupations through 2006 (according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics). Learn from top international chefs.

» Online Degree Programs
Study from your home! Attend class when it is convenient for you - during the day or evening, from home or wherever you have a computer. Change or advance your career on your own timetable. Take only the most relevant classes you will need for your new career.

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The Education and Degree Programs Online Guide is a resource for students and professionals looking for a career-oriented education.
The website assembles a large network of fully-accredited schools, colleges and universities offering degree programs & specializing in training individuals for careers in design, technology, business, criminal justice, architecture, medical and culinary arts.
Further the website offers a selection of distance learning & online education programs. is a Web Service of For feedback or any concerns please contact us at

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